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Tap,Tap whos there? Empty Tap,Tap whos there?

Post  vwbug71 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:23 pm

I brought the dogs in last night,they sleep in the garage cause of the cold weather... as i was takin them out to go do their thing about 10p.m. ,I was standing next to my dogs bed, I felt a solid "TAP" on my back,right between my shoulder blades,I turned qwickly to see what it was,there was nothing there,and i was 5 ft from the cabinets and my car,gave me the chills,my pit kept looking up at the rafters to my left,I got my flashlight outta my pocket,,the batteries dimmed from my flash light and fluttered a little,(new batteries)the dogs barked most of the night,they had stopped doin that since I had the house blessed,except I forgot to have the garage blessed,,,puttin in a call to have it done,the neighbors started working on their house again,they are puttin in new windows,,, thats the house where the previous owner blew his brains out in the living room after he lost he wife to cancer..,,I guess "its" back,, here we go again..

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