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Post  vwbug71 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:24 pm

Hi , Last night I had 3 dreams,all the dreams had people I knew growing up as a kid till the present. In the dreams the people were talking to me about current day subjects. Iknew they had passed away in the dreams. I asked them if they were ok. They all said yes,In the last dream there was a man in the background, I didn't recognize him,he waved at me like he wanted to see if I could actually see him. I tried to get closer to him ,but he would seem to get farther away. He spoke with a accent, not foreign,but from the south. He seemed tall, wore a hat and a khaki style uniform, ,all he said was ,"Tell them I know,its okay, I'm okay,just tell them I know." ,, what can this mean? any ideas,Thank you..

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