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More about my ghost friends Empty More about my ghost friends

Post  Buttercup102 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:20 pm

Well i feel my ghosts friends get stronger each day and they got sort of mad when i posted that last post that my aunt got me to do. I explained to them that i did not tell any personal information about her and her whole family or anything about the Whit family besides names.

I told her that she has nothing to worry about but she does not believe me. She says she can only trust me but by the way she speaks she sounds like she is lying. I know Elizabeth Whit, she was a truely truthful girl when she was alive. As i find out more about her and her family, i notice her begin to get angrier with me. When i talk to her sister, brother, and her mother they will never tell me more than Elizabeth has ever informed me about.

She began to seem different last month than when i first began to notice her spirit hanging around. She seemed very shy as i first saw her. When i was told i was a person who has a six sense i was amazed. I saw the dark figure as i was walking into a dim hallway and i screamed and my dad ran out of his room as i stood like i was going to faint.

Time for bed. I will post more tomorrow. Twisted Evil


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