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Post  dawndilion on Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:46 pm

My boyfriend loves to tell everyone this story and I'll admit, I tell everyone too. It wasn't too funny when it happened, but now it's a pretty hilarious story. It's kinda long, but I think it's worth it.

First things first, a little about me. My bf and I own a house together. At the time, we had a dog, 2 indoor cats, and 15 outside cats. The outside cats were rescues that needed homes. We live in a one-story rancher that has no basement and has an attic. I do not go into the attic because (a)I don't like confined spaces (b)it's a mess and (c)the mess isn't our stuff. Oh and I hate climbing ladders. You should also know that my bf works 3pm-2am.

So anyway, it was a late night, around this time of year. Halloween always brings out my desire to watch scary movies, even though I'm a total chicken and have to sleep with the lights on. I decided to watch "Paranormal Activity" online, with the lights out, and my trusted pit bull/jack russell mix to protect me. I'm watching the movie with my headphones on and every once in a while, I see my dog staring at the ceiling. No growling, no barking, just head-tilted and looking confused. I take off my headphones and hear noises in the attic. i brush it off and think "Oh great, we have bats or mice." A little bit further into the movie, I hear it again, only louder. Like stuff being moved around in the attic. Boxes being moved. Rustling sounds. By this time it's around 12am and I'm getting freaked out. The movie is scary, it's late at night, the noises just keep happening, and I'm not going up there and looking.

By around 1am, my only thought is, "There's a demon in my attic and I'm going to die". I'm honestly scared to death. The movie's over and I can't go to sleep so I curl up in bed with my dog. Around 2am, my bf comes home and asks why I'm up. My response: "Watched a scary movie, can't sleep or the demon will get me". He thinks I'm hilarious, pats me on the head, and says "I'll protect you". I slept with the light on anyway.

Two days later, it's morning and I'm watching TV. I hear noises in the attic. WTF. It's daylight, so I get a little more brave. I look at the opening to the attic and say, "WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE?". The next thing I know, a little grey head pokes around the edge of the entrance to the attic. Then another. Then another. Then two more.

The demon in the attic? KITTENS. Cute, adorable kittens from outside managed to find their way into my attic. I was freaking out and scared to death...of kittens. Needless to say, my bf laughed until he cried. This was last year and to this day the two running jokes in our house and with friends are "Demon kittehs will get you!" and "Want to watch Paranormal Activity?"


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Post  HauntingMe on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:59 pm

Those darn demon kittens!hahaha

Don't feel bad. My ex was a long haul truck driver so I didn't see him much. I have heard all kinds of crazy things in time and got laughed at when I realized what it was!


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