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I visited the Queen Mary in 2001. The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, CA. I visited it when I was staying in southern California for awhile. The Queen Mary is an ocean liner who served kings and queens as well as serve troops during World War II!

Official website:

The Queen Mary's maiden voyage was in 1936 and she was retired in 1967. She was a glorious ship in her time and still is a beautiful ship! They have a hotel on board now and they do tours of the ship. The ship has a majestic past but as with most ships during that time, it has its gory stories too. Most of the gory stories are from its wartime service. They do a ghost tour which is pretty amazing. I will never forget the wet footprints coming from an empty pool!

This is one haunted site that is not for the faint of heart! The creepiest place for me was the infirmary. That place I could not get out of quick enough. I felt sick to my stomach while I was in there.

For a true ghost enthusiast and for a ghost skeptic, this is a must see place!


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