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Fort Delaware - Pea Patch Island Empty Fort Delaware - Pea Patch Island

Post  HauntingMe on Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:47 pm

I think Ghost Hunters and a couple others have investigated Fort Delaware AKA Pea Patch Island. I have been there several times. It will definitely make your hairs stand up!

Their website is:

If you live in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania area and interested in a spooky old prison, it is a must see place!

If my memory serves me correct, Fort Delaware was a Union Prison in the Civil War. Many considered Delaware a neutral state during the Civil War. However, Delaware was pretty much split in half. The northern counties, Kent and New Castle, were Union and the southern county, Sussex, were southern sympathizers. Delaware is a state rich in history. Delaware is on the Mason Dixon Line on the west and to the south. Some of the original Mason Dixon markers are still burried deep in woods on the state line. Most have been found and removed but I know about 10 years ago there were still a few left. Also, the Underground Railroad went through Delaware. One house in particular I can think of, still has items in the cellar from the original Underground Railroad. Also, Barratt's Chapel which was built in 1780 is located just south of the capital, Dover, in Frederica and is the oldest surviving church in the United States. Also, Historic New Castle is an amazing place to visit with very old homes and they do different presentations and reenactments. Ok enough history lesson on Delaware's different spots! Back to Fort Delaware! Fort Delaware was a Union prison and held high profile prisoners (high ranking confererate officers). Conditions during it's operation were horrible. Little food and just general bad living conditions. Fort Delaware is located on Pea Patch Island which is a tiny island which made escape nearly impossible. When you visit Pea Patch Island, you take a ferry from a dock in Delaware City. They do excellent battle reenactments. It is definitely a great and spooky place to visit!


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