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Post  HauntingMe on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:18 am

I want to give a little insight about paranormal investigators. Most are very good at what they do and want to help people.

Most paranormal investigators do NOT charge for their services. When I say paranormal investigators, I mean people who actually come to you and do an investigation. Some may ask for a donation of whatever you can afford. This is usually to cover their costs. Most are not getting rich from doing this!

On the other hand, psychics often do charge for their services because a lot of times that is their profession.

There are a lot of dedicated paranormal investigators who are excellent at what they do. PLEASE be careful of those asking for money up front.

If you are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and are serious about getting assistance with your problem, you can post here and I will help you get in contact with investigators in your area. I will need your general location so that I can find one close to you. If you are not comfortable posting your story and/or location but want help, please email me directly at


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